Where To Find Me

Hey! My name is Shannon.

I write…
here: maybeyoucanrelate.com
here: beherebepositivebehappy.com

On twitter…
I desperately try to be witty here: @HumorMeShannon
inspirational here: @kineticimprint

I post videos…
here: youtube.com/channel/UCUMtH9wOyst6lJ7iObk27oQ
(I’m not deemed cool enough to warrant a pronounceable youtube url. And yes, I’m bitter.)

I’m trying to make the world a better place…
here: kineticimprint.com

I give away wristbands…
here: kineticimprint.com/wristbands

You can contact me…
here: maybeyoucanrelate.com/contact-me/
here: kineticimprint.com/contact

Want to receive an email when I publish something new?

On both of my blogs, Maybe You Can Relate and kinetic imprint (beherebepositivebehappy.com), you should see a follow button on the bottom right of the screen or you can open the widget bar (by clicking the black button at the top of the page next to the search button) and find instructions for following me there.

Thanks for reading!



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