Today May 12, 2018: Kites Are Fun

This week’s title is a nod to the song Kites Are Fun by The Free Design (1967) – one of my all-time favorites! If you don’t know it, check it out! (

Sun May 06, 2018

I only caught the tail end of this kite festival (pun very much intended), but it was cool to watch the few that were still flying!

Fun Fact: As a kid I saved up a bunch of Kool-Aid points and sent away for a big Kool-Aid Man kite. Oh Yeah!

Side Note to the Fun Fact: I also sent away for the Kool-Aid Man Intellivision video game. Boy did this video bring back memories, especially the sounds!  When I wasn’t playing that as a young child in the early 1980s I was most likely playing Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack ( or (quite possibly the greatest video game ever made) BurgerTime! (


Last of the evening sun’s shadows.


Mon May 7, 2018

Mrs. Brady is very concerned about the park being torn down to build the new courthouse. And, oh no…Mike’s the architect!


Tue May 08, 2018

Lilacs are blooming right on schedule!


Wed May 09, 2018

My new electric lawn mower, pre-first-voyage. This is as clean as it is ever going to look.

Me, 60 minutes later, post-first-voyage. The light doesn’t do justice to the redness of my face, but I feel my eyes give voice to my muscles as they scream, “we haven’t pushed a mower up that hill in a decade!” I mowed this lawn for 20-some years, then I let other people do it for me. I decided mowing the lawn myself with a non-propelled push mower would be a good workout. Let’s just say I was correct. Also, hey! I have allergies!! (Update: Three days later and my shoulders are still complaining.)


Fri May 11, 2018

How I think I’ll feel on Friday night vs how I actually feel. #FridayFeeling


Sat May 12, 2018

up past my bedtime me: *watches a 15 second video of someone yarn weaving on Instagram*

old-timey crafty me: hey!! wow!! I need a loom!!

tired me: oh my goodness no. you for sure need to go to sleep now before internet research wormhole you hears the words weaving loom

5 thoughts on “Today May 12, 2018: Kites Are Fun”

    1. Thanks, that’s the outside of my open front door. Your kudos can go to my mom who picked it out and stained it herself about 35 years ago. The inside of the door I painted green a few years ago and I am considering repainting blue now.

  1. Love the picture of PawPaw! And I was determined to help Taren mow last week in the backyard. So he was trimming at the bottom of the little slope and I was struggling to mow the slope. At one point I actually feared for his life that I might lose control of the mower and it would mow him down. I think I better stick to bringing him drinks of cold water and wiping his brow😂

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