Today Jun 09, 2018: Mr Dewy VonAppleton Esquire

Sun May 13, 2018

writing in the sunsetWriting in the sunset.


Mon May 14, 2018
Grocery Checker: Thanks for stopping in. We appreciate your business.
Me: Thanks! You too!
*nailed it*


Tue May 15, 2018

I voted!Vote! Vote every chance you get! I voted in our primary election today!


Fri May 18, 2018

Mr Dewy VonAppleton EsquireMr. Dewy VonAppleton, Esquire.


Sat May 19, 2018

Grace and JimmyFinally got Grace and Jimmy hung up in the entry of my bedroom! #RearWindow #ClassicMoviesMakeGreatArt


Sun May 20, 2018
I’ve been cutting my own hair for years. Here is the origin story of every short summer cut I’ve had.
me: “I’m going to trim a little more than usual.”
*snip snip snip*
me: “Hmm. That’s not really what I meant to do.”
friends: “You cut your hair!”
me: “Yep! Totally! It’s summer!”


Mon May 21, 2018

leaning purple flowersNow everyone leeeeean to the left! Reach for the sun!!


Fri May 25, 2018
Dental surgery day! I had to have a crown lengthening procedure done this morning. Which I am disappointed to report after 2.5 hours in the dentist chair resulted in neither jeweled headgear nor the ability to symbolically rule a country. It just resulted in stitches in my mouth, more pain and questionable bleeding than I would prefer, and instructions to ice my swollen face. (Update: I’m healing just fine…having the stitches in for ten days was the worst part!)


fireworksEvery year I watch my city’s fireworks show in my pajamas with my head stuck out this window, because I always forget about it until I hear the first booms while I’m already in bed. Pretty, but I let a lot of bugs in through the window!


Fri Jun 01, 2018
Let us all take a moment to celebrate the fact that Rick Springfield successfully worked the words “the point is probably moot” into the lyrics of a now perennial pop song. #JessiesGirl


Sat Jun 02, 2018

headphonesGetting to the oil change shop first thing in the morning proved to be so efficient, I barely had time to untangle my headphones before my car was done!


Mon Jun 04, 2018
Startup idea: Artificial Intelligence for parking garages that shouts NO in a semi-frustrated tone to warn you when what you think is a parking spot is actually a tiny car hidden behind a giant car.


Wed Jun 06, 2018

sitting under the flowersSitting under the flowers.


Thu Jun 07, 2018

mama and baby ducksMama and baby ducks! Spotted on my walk into work this morning!


swing time 1

swing time 2

swing time 3

swing time 4

This just in: It is an unscientific fact that time actually stops during the “Never Gonna Dance” sequence in #SwingTime. At least it does in my house.



Thu Jun 07, 2018

orange sky cloudsThe sky is putting on a show tonight!


Fri Jun 08, 2018
A majority of my comic misadventures begin with the words, “eh. I don’t need to move that clearly obvious obstacle out of my way” as I attempt to haul something heavy into my house.

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