About Me

summer vacation in front of the tv
summer vacation in front of the tv

Software Engineer by day, overextended hobbyist by night.

The image on this page is concrete proof that much of my adult personality was formed by age five. When asked to draw what I did over summer vacation in kindergarten I, rightfully, drew a picture of myself watching television. (Note: My hair was actually much longer in kindergarten than I’ve depicted here. And surely I was not wearing such high-waisted pants.)

I love anything involving storytelling. Movies, television, music, books, podcasts, history, etc.

My use of etcetera implies any number of unspecified things. This is 100% true. At any given time I have any number of interests that are at that moment the most fascinating things in which I have ever involved myself. Thus is the reality of the overextended hobbyist.

But overarching is my love of the connection I feel to the world when hearing other people tell their stories and when telling my own. Telling my own story is what I do here in my little corner of the internet. I’m not saving the world. I’m just trying to connect with the people I share it with.

Well, I’d write more, but to be perfectly honest, I’m hungry.

So, on that note, kind reader, I bid you a cheery good day!